Sunday, October 20, 2013

Lunch for one at the National Dining Rooms

This the lunch I had recently after I visited the new exhibition at the National Gallery - see Review: Facing the Modern - The Portrait in Vienna 1900.  I came out of the exhibition - in the basement of the Sainsbury Wing - found the lift and went up two floors to the National Dining Rooms

I sorted out my notes from the press preview and started my sketches of my Table d'Hote lunch. See National Dining Rooms menu [External website].  It came with a very nice glass of red wine.

Each is sketched fast in en and ink, then I colour fast using coloured pencils and finally I do a bit of finishing off at home - but it's not a lot.  The bulk is sketched in situ. For some reason I can't get the colour quite right on the first course and the background page colour is off.

Sweet Cured Devon Trout, Summer Beets, Wild watercress, Elderberry Vinegar
copyright Katherine Tyrrell
Borders Grouse, Scottish Girolles, Stornaway Black Pudding, (Straw Fries and Liver Toast)
copyright Katherine Tyrrell
Kentish Plums, Lavender Cream, Cobnuts and Wissey Honey
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

My tip for sketching meals

Don't try to include all of the plate.  There's no rule that says you can't crop plates out of the picture plane!