Saturday, March 13, 2010

What's the colour code for a Moleskine sketchbook?

Friday - early evening on the terrasse en plein air at the Restaurant la Gare, Paris
8" x 10", pen and sepia ink in Moleskine sketchbook
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

Travels with a Sketchbook in......
has had a major makeover following introduction of The Blogger Template Designer. It now has a pages bar at the top and a whole new colour scheme.

It took ever such a long time tweaking the colours to get what I wanted. In the end I decided to go with the colour of the paper in the Moleskine sketchbooks combined with the colour of my kitchen cupboards - because I like duck egg blue!

I'm still trying to find the right shade of Moleskine so if anybody hits on the code by accident I'd be gratful to know what it is. My best guess at the moment is LightGoldenRodYellow which is #FAFAD2. [Update - changed my mind once I got the sketch up. I now think it's Cornsilk which is #FFF8DC and comes in these Shades.]

Now here comes the magic trick. The colour names and codes are from the W3 website which advocates good practice standards in web design and coding. If you right click on either of these links, you can see what all the other colours which are recognised by web browsers looks like when matched with this colour. Neat huh? (OK - all the web designers can stop chortling! I've only just discovered this for the very first time this morning and I think it's great!)

The sketch was done on my way back from the Musée Marmottan‎ during my last meal in Paris on the terrasse en plein air at the Restaurant la Gare in October last year (the link is to Streetview). It has a very musical website!

I must get back to finishing the story of that French trip - see Paris, Normandy and the Loire (September/October 2009). I've not done the Chateaux of the Cher et Loire yet!


  1. Oooh! I like the new colors...this very creamy tone contrasts nicely with the robin's egg blue. My sister in law is going to Paris soon and I'm so jealous...she doesn't sketch...but you know I would. I'd be sitting in that restaurant with my pen and brush in my hands. I'll be looking for your other sketches of France.

  2. Thanks Joan. The problem with the chateau posts is they are not quick ones as I always like to write about the place. Plus I've got videos which need editing etc etc! But I'll get them all done!

  3. Really enjoying your journey, Katherine, and you've inspired me to take Sketching in Nature there too. It was frustrating with our old narrow format, so there's more room for art now--but I still haven't figured out how much to enlarge the banner! I can't find the code for the banner size...


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