London Sketchbook

This is an archive of all my sketches about London organised according to the places where I have sketched

Art Galleries and Museums
Sketching visitors to the
BP Portrait Exhibition
Restaurants and cafes in Central London

Central London

This section contains sketches of places in the City of London and central London and of areas along and immediately north and south of the River Thames east of Tate Britain and west of Tower Bridge - including Bankside in Southwark. The order below is east to west rather than date order. [Section summary added September 2007]

Pool of London / East London  
This section follows the Thames upstream from the Olympic site around the Bow Back Rivers to Tower Bridge and the Pool of London. It covers areas either side - Spitalfields, the East End, Isle of Dogs and Canary Wharf (the new financial centre) to the North and Rotherhithe to the south. Again the order is from East to West.

This section is views of Greenwich or from Greenwich. Posts are not in date order.
  • Canary Wharf Sky 31st January 2007 - the view from next to the Old Royal Observatory in Greenwich Park - looking down to the Old Royal Naval College and the National maritime Museum and beyond over to the Isle of Dogs and the skyscrapers at Canary Wharf on the other side of the River Thames. 
  • A Canaletto View
  • Greenwich - very nearly sitting on zero - a view of the Royal Observatory at the top of the hill in Greenwich Park - which is where the Prime Meridian lies. Plus some observations on the Palace of Placentia. 
  • 16th Worldwide Sketchcrawl - the result - good intentions of sketching along the Prime Meridian are scuppered by a slow puncture only discovered when I get to Greenwich Park. But I did a sketch anyway - of the view towards the Millenium Dome/O2 Arena. 
  • A Canaletto View - a sketch of the view of the Old Royal Navel College in Greenwich from Island Gardens on the Isle of Dogs plus old sailing ships 
  • Trafalgar Tavern and low tide on the Thames- a sketch of the view to the left of the Naval College - at very low tide 
  • Boxing Day ice skating at Greenwich - Ice skating at the Old Royal Naval College. 

West London and Kew Gardens 

West London is defined as anything which comes with the area known as Greater London which is west of Tate Britain and Vauxhall Bridge. [Section summary added September 2007] 
    Tea at the Orangery
Reference Books - Book Reviews Byfield and Binney: London Sketchbook

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