Bali Sketchbook (1997)

I visited Bali in 1992 and again in 1997 on painting holidays plus I had a short stopover on the way out to Australia in 1997.

On both occasions, I was based at Ananda Cottages, at Campuhan just outside Ubud in central Bali on both occasions. Ubud is the arts 'capital' of this culture-rich island. From there I travelled around the island with a group of fellow painters and tutor and noticed a few differences in the five years which had passed between trips.

This page provides links to all the individual posts relating to my trip to Bali in 1997.  I'm posting them in order of the date of the sketch rather than the date they were posted to this blog.
  • Flying to Australia - via a beach in Bali As I needed a flight to Australia which did a stopover in Bali on the return trip - for a painting holiday - I also had a stopover in Bali en route to Australia.
  • 46 Ananda Cottages at dusk Sketch of the interior of my unglazed bedroom at Ananda Cottages, just outside Ubud in Bali.
  • Ary's Warung in Ubud, Bali I sat in Ary's Warung on the main street in Ubud in Bali and started to draw some people while I had a pot of their lemon grass and ginger tea.

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