Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A sketching tool kit......for travels with a sketchbook

This post is going to link to all the posts I've previously written about assembling a tool kit for sketching plein air.

Pencil cases (for coloured pencils) and Sketchbooks (Daler Rowney and Moleskine)
My sketching toolkit for day trips
Photo copyright Katherine Tyrrell
First off, everybody's idea of what they need is different - there is no one right answer. You need to experiment to find out what works for you. Different circumstances also require different kits - you need to think about where and how long you will have to carry your kit.

These are just my ideas of the different ways I assemble a tool kit of materials when travelling with my sketchbook.

Sketching toolkits
The following posts include photos of my set-ups at different places in the USA during the summer of 2006.
Art Materials and Advice on Sketching

In addition, on my website I have:
  • a page dedicated to describing the art materials I use. Any materials I mention in the above blog posts can be found on this page - usually with a photograph
  • advice on sketching - which includes reference to the sketching toolkits mentioned above
I'll update this summary as and when I write about items in sketching toolkits.

Next I'll provide links to posts about individual items which are recommended for sketching plein air.

Links: [these have been updated as sites have changed]


  1. This is so perfect as I am taking a big trip next month and the clothes do come second! Thank you so much for this post!!!

  2. Glad to be of help Terri :D
    Have a really great time on your trip - and I hope you get the time to be able to bring back lots of sketches and paintings.

  3. What a great little blog you got. I now have another fav site to frequent. Art info is so needed for artists.


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