Sunday, March 13, 2011

Walking is still a problem

I'm getting very fed up of being confined to home while I wait for my foot to improve.  The problem is....that it isn't.  While vaguely better, it's a very long way from being OK.  This week I tried a slightly longer walk to see if stretching it might help.

It involved very slow walking and stretching the foot as I went - plus a couple of sit downs and a sketch.  Plus an awful lot of tension because I forget to breathe when I'm walking but think I'm going to fall over any second!  It's as if I'm continuously on the sharp inward yelp which occurs when in pain while forgetting to breathe out.  Almost as if I'm balancing on a tightrope with every stpe.  Very wearing.........

Anenomes in Bow
pen and ink and coloured pencils, 10 x 8" in Large Moleskine sketchbook
copyright Katherine Tyrrell
Anyway, these are those rather nice dusky purple pink anenomes which never ever come out the right colour when you photograph them - which is a good reason for sketching them!


  1. SO sorry, Katherine, what did you do to yourself? I'm very sad I can't walk far any more, haven't been able to for about 10 years. I miss it!

    Your sketch is lovely, though...

  2. Ow! After that description I feel your pain. Thanks for the sketch though! I went to the Sketchbook Project 2011 tour today...awesomeness personified. Not only do you get to look at the art you get to fondle the sketchbooks at the same time. Before you send my post off into the ether, I am, first and foremost a lover of books and art! Art you get too look at and touch, awesome and amazing. I am on cloud nine, and if any of your readers have a chance to go to the tour they should go early and stay late and take as many friends as they can so they can circulate the 2 books they can check out among them. At one point I had amassed 8 people and we went through lots of sketchbooks. It is now 4 hours later and I am still levitating, thank goodness my macbook is so lite I can hold onto it on the ceiling!

    Go see the Sketchbook Project 2011!

  3. Really sorry to hear your foot is not improving Katherine, it still sounds very painful(and tiresome). Lovely anemones!

  4. Sorry about that foot. I think we can meet a big crisis well enough, but it is those long, drawn out frustrations that are so...well..frustrating. The picture is lovely, and considering what it must have taken you to do it, it just lifts my heart to see it.

  5. Wish you a fast recovery. Your blog always delighted me.

  6. So sorry to read about your slow recovery, I hope it improves soon.

    Beautiful drawing, the colours are fabulous.

  7. Sorry to hear about your foot. If I could do for you, what your beautiful drawing has done for would be jumping and skipping about. I wish you a speedy recovery.


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