Thursday, February 21, 2008

3rd April 1997: Flying to Australia - via a beach in Bali

My travel sketchbook for Australia actually contains sketches of my back-to-back trips to Australia and Bali in April/May 1997.

As I needed a flight to Australia which did a stopover in Bali on the return trip - for a painting holiday - I also had a stopover in Bali en route to Australia. So I flew London to Bali, had a 12 hour stopover and then flew another 6 hours onto Sydney. Bali is also a popular holiday destination for many Australians.

Labelled topographical map of Bali
courtesy of NASA and Wikipedia

I'm afraid the sketchbook for Australia doesn't start straight away whereas the first few sketches in the sketchbook were done while on my 12 hour stop over in Bali.

I scooted straight out of Ngurah Rai International Airport and went to the beach just below PJs, one of the restaurants belonging to the Four Seasons Hotel at Jimbaran Bay (Jimbaran is on the west of the little neck of land just south of the airport which leads to Nusa Dua, ).

Jimbaran Bay
from PJs below the Four Seasons Hotel, Bali
8" x 11", pencil in sketchbook
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

PJs has a wonderful location and view being located on the foreshore with a clear view of Jimbaran Bay. This map on BaliBlog shows the location.

I relaxed on the beach and then sketched the above in the late afternoon. It's entirely possible this was done under the influence of a gin and tonic from the beach bar while sat on a sun lounger lapping up the sun! This is a 'working' sketch of a contre jour scene and includes some annotations.

The boats in the bar at PJs
9" x 8" pen and sepia ink in sketchbook
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

Later I had dinner at PJs beach restaurant and sketched the boats behind the bar during dinner before calling a taxi and heading back to the airport for my 6 hour night flight to Sydney. Drawing the inside of the roof was very absorbing and relaxing.

I have a very clear visual memory of that stopover on the beach because of doing those two sketches - which is just one of the major benefits of travelling with a sketchbook.

By the way, for those who are new to this blog, food and drink always tends to feature alongside many of my interior sketches - often because they are the reason for me being in a particular place!

In the next post I arrive in Australia!

and there'll be more about Bali later....


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