Monday, June 23, 2008

Sketching at The RA - The Friends Room #1

This week I'm going to post a series of sketches done in Burlington House, home of the Royal Academy of Arts (the RA) in Piccadilly.

Drinking tea and drawing people
8" x 10" pencil in Moleskine sketchbook
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

I'm one of the 85,000 Friends of the RA. I'm a Friend primarily because it means I don't have to pay for exhibitions, don't have to queue for tickets, get to go to exhibition previews and can visit an exhibition as many times as I want plus take an adult friend in for free.

But one of the other perks is use of the Friends Room to have a cup of tea and hopefully sit down on a sofa before starting out again. I don't even have to visit an exhibition!

If I have time, whenever I go to the Friends Room at the RA I also try to sketch. It's one of a few places where I can usually create a composition which includes people at a distance and close-up in the same sketch.

This particular sketch is from the week before Christmas 2005 and accompanied the third post Drinking Tea and Drawing People on my brand new blog Making A Mark - when I was still in beta mode and wasn't publishing to the world at large! The text which accompanied it is below.

Yesterday I went to the New English Art Club Exhibition at the Mall Galleries just before it closed. Many excellent works of art on view. This was followed by lunch with a very old friend and, inevitably, some Christmas shopping and - as it was nearby - a much needed cup of tea and a seat in the Friends Room at the RA which was packed, probably with people with very much the same idea! I was surrounded by lots of people having animated conversations so out came the Moleskine sketchbook for more sketching with some interesting lighting effects.

I enjoy doing drawings where you can't design who is in the picture or how they are going to sit and all you can do is decide what/who to do and where to crop to create the picture frame. Drawing people and working from life are both excellent ways of making you make such choices.


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