Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Hello from Southern California

Well I woke up this morning to start trying out life in California some 3,500 miles west and 8 hours later than the one I'm used to.

Flight from London to San Diego 11 July 2006
My trip was fine and I got here safe and sound. However, my sketching chair is having a more interesting trip and is not here yet. The baggage handlers at the recheck baggage place at Newark Airport decided that it really ought to go and see North Carolina so it'll arrive in San Diego this morning and will be delivered to the house later today. That chair is now more well travelled than me!

The sketch is of the flight about halfway across the Atlantic - I think the George Clooney film had just finished! Done in pen and ink on a double page spread of the Moleskine. The ceiling panels and overhead lockers were a a good test of perspective - but unfortunately I failed!

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  1. OH, goody! I wasn't sure if we'd be seeing you at all, much less this soon! What a great sketch of the plane's entrails--my similar ones are much less clear. I think your chair has great instincts ;D. Hope you and it are reunited soon. Keep drawing and posting!

  2. Teehee! I know! When they told me where it had gone I just knew it was going to get a mention in the blog and what you'd say!

    I should be fine for posting this first week as I'm based at my friend's house. After that it's going to depend on what facilities I can access. The main problem is going to be lack of a scanner.

  3. They should have artists' internet cafes in every town, complete with scanners, large screens, apple macs loaded with the complete adobe CS2 software suite and corel painter!

  4. Welcome to the USA Katherine!! Of course I'm over here on the east coast, I've never even been to California, so I'm eagerly looking forward to your sketches! Glad you arrived safe and sound!


  5. doesn't look like a failure to me - just a typically cramped plane. Hope you're having happy travels

  6. Thanks everybody

    It's been non-stop since I got here hence no time to post and more although two paintings and several sketches should be appearing on a blog post sometime soon hopefully!

  7. Nice sketch. I'm leaving myself from Redwood City (just outside San Francisco) to Chicago for a few days. I'm brining a small watercolor kit. Hope to have something interesting to post. Hope you're having a great trip, and my suggest sketching spots between San Francisco and LA are worthwhile.

  8. Katherine - All I can say is what a treat it will be when you are able to post again! You must have so many sketches. I keep checking in - hopeful - but obviously the technology has frustrated you, so will look forward to your arrival home and many hours of posting.



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