Friday, August 05, 2011

Sketching people on steps of St Pauls Cathedral

Sketching people on the steps of St Paul's Cathedral
2nd August 10am
16" x 11", pen and sepia ink in Moleskine sketchbook
copyright Katherine Tyrrell
I arranged to meet Liz Steel (Liz and Borromini) on Tuesday morning on the steps at the front of St Paul's Cathedral in the City of London.

It's a good place for sketchers to meet.  You have views down Ludgate Hill (see Sitting on the steps of St Paul's Cathedral in the sun) - and a big covered area should it start to rain!

Plus if you like sketching people - or just need the practice - there's lots of opportunities to sketch people who have stopped to sit awhile on the steps at the front of the cathedral.

As I did. It's a great perspective for sketching the backs of people and trying to capture posture and character - and what the back of a head looks like!


  1. wonderful sketches--we were in London and on those steps last fall and it is almost as if you saw the same people ;-)

  2. lovely sketches - you've caught attitudes and interactions really well :>)

  3. Great sketches. I normally only do individuals and not groups, but think I will follow your example at the next opportunity.


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