Thursday, September 03, 2015

A slimming Tuna and salad sketch at the V&A and a long walk

The thing about making a big effort to become healthier and slimmer by losing weight is that -apart from showing the continuing downward trend on the  Weight Chart on my iPhone Health app to my GP - I need to be seen to be sketching healthy meals!

So this is my Seared Tuna and Green Bean and Mixed Leaf Salad from lunch at the Cafe at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London last Thursday!  This was drawn over lunch using pen and ink and then coloured at home afterwards as I didn't have my pencils with me because I was on a "reviews day".

Seared Tuna and Green Beans and Mixed Leaf Salad
pen and ink and coloured pencils
and this is me drawing my lunch!

I managed to be good and avoid an awful lot of temptation! (the link is to a sample menu!).

I then walked around the V&A and straight through the shop - without buying anything(!) - and then walked from the V&A to the Mall Galleries. Below is the map. Note the calorific values!

V&A to the Mall Galleries is just over 2 miles and takes 43 minutes
expending according to my Citymapper app
174 calories or (just to get a real perspective on this) 1.7 BANANAS!
Walking down Constitution Hill - Green Park on the left and Buckingham Palace on the right
Here's my blog post about the exhibition I saw when I got to the Mall Galleries - Rosa Sepple sells 50+ paintings in 4 days!

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