Monday, August 09, 2010

A Cheshire garden in summer

A Cheshire garden in early August
11.5" x 17", coloured pencils and pen and ink in Large Moleskine Sketchbook
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

This is what's known as incredibly lazy sketching - done entirely while sat in an armchair next to my Mother's glazed door into her garden.

It was very satisfying to do as it's a scene I know well and yet had never drawn - possibly due to the number of trees in this view.  

Intermittent showers meant that the planned gardening wasn't a great idea.  Plus the image of the doves sitting on top of the bird house meant that it was absolutely necessary to sketch!  My other cat Polly sat next to me at the open door absolutely transfixed by the doves as they preened and pecked.  I think she was only a quarter of the way through the door when they took off - having teased her for quite a long time.

What was slightly amazing to me on my journey north was to find that while London and the Southeast now closely resembles scorched earth due to lack of rain (shades of the summer of 1976), North West England has been getting a lot of rain - hence the garden was very lush with multiple variations on the colour green.  However even there they are having to close down sections of the canal system as the reservoirs which feed the canals lock system are so low.

Last week I came to the conclusion that there's an "English garden green" that I need which I didn't have with me as I was continuously mixing greens.  I'm still trying to work out which is the missing green......


  1. This is lovely. When ever I read your blog It makes me want to sketch more!
    thank you for sharing them.

  2. really lovely! You sound like me, searching for greens. I just did a post about that with my watercolor pencils, because I didn't want to carry more than I needed into the field...yellows and blue the end I still brought an assortment of greens. I've found the Derwent Inktense "Leaf Green" handy and an "Olive Green" from Prismcolor.

  3. This IS indeed lazy, but great sketching KAtherine! Beautiful!! Hope you and your kittie are having good old lazy fun there!

  4. My idea of sketching, not lazy just practical.

    Hope you find your green.

  5. Wow... A different blog with beautiful sketches... Loved the garden.. Excellent. I too love to travel.. Have a nice day:)


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