Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Tuesday 25th July - a 'rest' day

Kathy and Gordon flew back to New England and I washed and repacked for the next leg of the trip - including the pastels - and fixed final bookings.

The weather continued to be distinctly odd - it rained and then continued to be humid!

My plans were as follows:
  • Wednesday morning very early: fly to Monterey and pick up a car
  • Wednesday/Thursday: stay in Monterey/Carmel area for two nights
  • Friday: drive down Highway 1 - the Pacific Coast Highway - stopping enroute in the Big Sur area between Monterey and the MorroBay/San Luis Obispo area
  • Saturday: drive down to Ventura, stay overnight
  • Sunday: drive via Malibu and then avoid as much as I could of Los Angeles and back to San Diego
  • get as much drawing done as I could...........
Did anybody notice the use of the past tense? ;) More tomorrow..............

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