Thursday, October 09, 2008

Evening light in St James Park

St James Park - Tree Study #3 (8th October, 6pm)
8.5" x 11", coloured pencils in Daler Rowney sketchbook

copyright Katherine Tyrrell

I went to the RHS Autumn Harvest Show at the Horticultural Halls yesterday. This year they have incorporated a number of different shows and competitions under one roof. These include the Vegetable Container Competition and competitions including fruit and vegetable, British national carnation society and an ornamental plant competition. I spent quite a bit of time in the Lindley Hall looking at the best and biggest vegetables!

a group of vegetables at the RHS Autumn Harvest Show
photo copyright Katherine Tyrrell

In the main hall they had a display of photograph relating to plants and I came across a very unusual and impressive development by one exhibitor which I'll be writing more about on Making A Mark in due course.

After buying some deep dark red lilies at the end of the show I then walked to the tube with these (all 3 feet of them). I was very grateful for the fact that I'd remembered this time to go to the last day of an RHS show suitably equipped with bags - which was a good thing as I decided to take advantage of the light and take the long way home via scenes of the setting sun in St James Park.

Like all the parks, St James Park is a great place in central London to draw trees as you can get a good distance from them and see their forms much more clearly. Plus you also get banks of trees which look great when the colour varies across the bank.

I knew the setting sun should give some good evening light on the trees but wasn't quite sure where it would look best - until I found this spot (see sketch at top). I didn't have the time to get all the colours down as the light was changing fast. Instead I used a pencil to get the main shapes and forms down and then annotated the entire sketch with colour notes. When I got home I had dinner and then proceeded to translate the colour using coloured pencils - and judicious use of the battery powered eraser for texture!

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  1. Delicious colours! You just have to love autumn with all its variations.


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