Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Gazebo at Sissinghurst

In the corner of the Orchard at Sissinghurst is a Gazebo. It's not been there very long, having been constructed in the late 60s which means it's celebrating its golden anniversary this year.

The Gazebo in Sissinghurst Orchard
pencil and coloured pencils
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

This is what the National Trust has to say about it.
The Memorial Gazebo at Sissinghurst, built of Kentish weatherboard, was dedicated in 1969 to Sir Harold Nicolson (husband of Vita Sackville-West) by their sons, Ben and Nigel. It stands by the moat and was used by Nigel Nicolson (who lived at Sissinghurst from 1930 until his death in 2004) as his private writing room.
There are windows on the moat side which look out at the fields beyond Sissinghurst Castle garden.

I met Nigel Nicholson once at Sissinghurst some years ago - he was a very nice gentleman. You can read some of what he wrote about the key characters at Sissinghurst in this extract from his book Long Life


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  1. Always fun when you sketch Sissinghurst, Katherine, because I have such an interest in it and in the Nicolsons.
    So thank you, too, for access to Nigel's memoir. I am spending a great morning, here, thanks to you.


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