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30th September: Art shops in Paris

Where are the art shops in Paris which actually provide artists supplies and materials? This post attempts to answer that question - and provides me with a list of ones to try and find.

I finally found the trick to finding out where art shops in Paris. First you need to go to Google France and then put in your query - which need not be in French to start getting results. The trick is finding the search query which does not generate lots of galleries. I used "art shops Paris" to start with!
carol curtis
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Carol - 22 Jan 2009
the BEST art center in the world!!! Without reservation..the BEST! I have shopped here for almost 16 years after stumbling on it during wondering tour of Paris. I have shopped here ever since by telephone and post. Treat yourself!!!!!!!!!
Just have a go at translating this French!
Fournitures beaux arts

- Toiles et chassis, standard et sur mesure
- peinture à l'huile, acrylique, aquarelle, gouache
- peinture pour porcelaine (Schjerning, Shira, Céradel)
- fours, pinceaux et brosses
- papiers (Canson, Stouls, Vinci, Vang)
- chevalets, coffrets, boîte aquarelle
- modelage, argile à modeler
- collection de statues en bronze, terre cuite, bois
- copies de tableaux, objets de décoration
  • Maison Gattegno, 13 rue Grde Chaumière 75006 Paris - written about in this post My Candy Store in Paris Breakfasts
  • Gerstaecker - Le géant des Beaux arts - an all French website with a shop in Paris at 166 rue de la Roquette 75011 Paris - although I haven't yet worked out what it stocks
  • Graphigro has shops in the Third (13-15, boulevard des Filles du Calvaire ), Sixth (207, boulevard Voltaire ) and Fifteenth Arondissements.
  • Dubois - Dubois SARL 20, rue Soufflot, 75005 Paris (inbetween the Jardin du Luxembourg and the Sorbonne) - indicates it targetd at professional fine artists as well as amateurs
  • Esquisse - 3 rue des Beaux-Arts - 75006 Paris (Ligne 4 : Saint-Germain des Prés; Ligne 10 : Mabillon ou Odéon; Ligne 7 : Pont-Neuf) Stocks Caran d'Ache Pencils
ArtStage.Fr has a great basic list of art shops.

The Great Pencil Hunt, Part Two is a 1997 review of art shops in Paris by Ric's Metropole Paris

I V Y paris
serves as a comprehensive hub for visual arts information and resources in Paris. Unfortunately it has not got categories so searching its archive of past posts is not easy - but it does comment on certain art shops in what's hot art supply stores (0nce you know that's the label to use!)

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