Sunday, July 11, 2010

Enrique Flores' Algeria sketchbook on YouTube

I always look forward to getting an email to say that Enrique Flores (acuarelista) has got a new YouTube video of a new sketchbook.

This is his Moleskine Sketchbook completed during one week in Oran, Algeria.

Here's some things to note about Enrique's approach to sketching:
  • Lots and lots of sketches - he's sketching all the time and/or sketches very fast and so he fills a sketchbook in a week.
  • He's not trying to be a camera (ie photographic); he's focusing on impressions and what interests him
  • His sketches are simple, clear and have a lot of impact
  • It's mainly a graphic approach to sketching - line and flat colour
  • Flat watercolour goes on faster than gradated washes - and he makes good use of lots of areas of flat colour.  
  • He typically has sketches which have good composition - he always finds the big shapes and works with them
  • He draws lots of people - which make a place come alive.  
  • He focuses more of proportion than accurate drawing of individuals
  • He never overworks 
  • He comments on his blog that he has a 'redraw obsession' - but drawing again things you have drawn before is never a bad idea in my book!
See also my post back in 2007 - Enrique Flores sketches everywhere! which includes an interview with Enrique.

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    1. Thanks, Katherine. I do like the sketchbooks by Enrique Flores a lot and it was good to see this new one. I also re-read your interview with him which I so enjoyed at the time you did it. He really inspires, doesn't he?


    2. does anyone know where you could buy an Enrique Flores lithograph/print?
      Thank you!


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