Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Parlour Restaurant

Tea and cake at The Parlour Restaurant, Fortnum and Mason
pen and ink and coloured pencils, 8" x 10"
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

On Monday after the lunchtime lecture about Degas at the Royal Academy of Arts (see Degas, Hockney and the freeze frame), here's what my tea looked like in The Parlour on the first floor of Fortnum and Mason. I don't want anybody telling "he who must not be bored while I sketch" that I had a slice of raspberry yoghurt cake! Just keep schtumm! You never saw this!

The next sketch is people also enjoying the delights of what's on offer.

People in The Parlour Room, Fortnum and Mason
pen and ink and coloured pencils, 8" x 10"
copyright Katherine Tyrrell
PS  This is getting posted not because it's the next in line in the long queue of sketches which need to be posted but because it's the fastest to create images for. The problem with A4 sketchbooks is that creating images takes that bit longer.  I've also got a new handbag from Fat Face which allows me to carry two Moleskines around for notes and sketches plus a my small Derwent pencil wrap and an umbrella - and I've started using it a lot!


  1. wonderful sketches! this is probably a better choice than the top tearoom where all you could get was high tea... I just wanted tea and scones... at least I know for next time!

  2. Your sketches are always a delight to look at. Yummy tea!

  3. I love your sketches. They are very soft and delicate. Lovely work.


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