Saturday, February 11, 2012

Victoria Park: The Chinese Pagoda and the new Island

The Chinese Pagoda and the new Island
165mm x 240mm, pen and sepia ink and coloured pencils on Mountboard
copyright Katherine Tyrrell
I've forgotten to post one of my Postcard from my Walk sketches.  I posted earlier news of A new Chinese Pagoda for Victoria Park - which tells of the history behind the old and the new pagodas and Victoria Park on the Tower Hamlets/Hackney border in East London.

This postcard - which is now in Germany - shows it off within its context of the new island created when they dug a new channel.  The channel has incredibly steep sides - I can see quite a few children rolling down that and into the water!

In reality there was still scaffolding up when I did the sketch and there were very large barrier fences between me and what is still in effect a building site

However we've having a lot of sunny crisp days this winter.  That helped me to be able to draw the green and red colours of the new pagoda on a sunny day within the context of the acidic yellow as the sun shines on the new turf and the warm brown apricot shades of some of the trees.

I forgot to sign my postcard - but Albrecht said he knew immediately who it was from!

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  1. this displays a certain fineness- couldn't figure out if its the lighting or the color... maybe something else


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