Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Art of Urban Sketching Exhibition - my contribution

Sketches of London by Katherine Tyrrell
for The Art of Urban Sketching Exhibition at Foyles Bookshop
16-22 July 2012
These are now on their way to the hang of the The Art of Urban Sketching Exhibition - which is happening today - starting at 11.30am!

This exhibition is being held this next week in The Gallery at Foyles, Third Floor, 113-119 Charing Cross Road. It is part of the Foyles Sketching the City Season and the Urban Sketchers London Events Programme relating to the launch of the new book about Urban Sketching by Gabi Campanario and the other Urban Sketchers.  See The Art of Urban Sketching - at Foyles in London for more details

From top left - going round clockwise - the sketches are of:
  • Syon Vista (Kew Gardens)
  • Syon Reach (River Thames between Syon House and Kew Gardens)
  • Bankside Shoreline (outside the Bankside Gallery - home of the RWS and RE - and next to Blackfriars Bridge)
  • View from the The Portrait Restaurant (at the top of the National Portrait Gallery - includes Nelson's Column and Big Ben)
  • Burlington House Courtyard - on a rainy day (view from the front of Burlington House - home of the Royal Academy of Arts)
I won't split up my sketchbooks for anybody!

So in order to contribute to the exhibition I scanned the sketches, saved them as a tif file, resized all of them to A4, printed them on to Somerset Enhanced Velvet paper, restated the coloured pencil, matted them in Daler Rowney Studland Mountboard in Antique White and framed them! My better half did the mirror plates!

The exhibition also includes work by the other correspondents for Urban Skethchers London and page spreads from the book.

More pics of the exhibition tomorrow!


  1. beautiful sketches! and a great tip about restating the prints with color pencils :)

  2. AnonymousJuly 16, 2012

    Beautiful sketches and wonderful framing. Great way to share your art without breaking up your journals.


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