Sunday, June 30, 2013

46 Ananda Cottages at dusk

46 Ananda Cottages (dusk - 4 May 1997)
pencil in sketchbook
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

In 1997 I went on my second painting holiday to Bali. I first stayed in Bali in 1992 on a painting holiday organised by Spencer Scott for The Artist magazine

We were so impressed with the place that five years later, the artist and his wife arranged another painting holiday as part of the overseas painting holidays they offer (details at end).

We stayed again at Ananda Cottages on the northern outskirts of Ubud. It's located in the rice paddies and is far enough outside Ubud (about 25 minutes walk) to be very quiet and peaceful.

This is a pencil sketch of my room done just as dusk was starting to fall. There's no glass in the windows - just split cane blinds. Outside the rooms is the most amazing lush vegetation.

I remember being quite jealous of other painters who were on the ground floor with the open air bathrooms! It's a very memorable place to stay and still seems to be very popular with its guests

Bali Accommodation


  1. Love this sketch that evokes the feeling of this place. I expect when you look back on your sketches they put you right there again, photos never seem to hold that magic.

  2. That is so correct Ann. I look at the photos and wonder why they don't look like the pictures in my head which I always see when I look at one of my sketches.

    The thing is you study a view when you sketch in a way you never do when you take a photograph. I think sketches re-awake the memory cells!


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