Friday, July 07, 2006

Sketching in Venice - May 2005

Last year, I visited Venice for the second time as part of a group of artists on a painting holiday. It's difficult to settle to art the first time you visit Venice - there's just so much to see and do.

However, last year I visited Venice with the serious intention of making sure I was equipped to do as much work as I could. I even prepared in advance by endeavouring to work out how Monet had tackled painting in Venice - you can see the results in the Venice Gallery on my website.

When I got home I wanted to make a record of the trip. In the end I decided to create a thread called "Venice Blog" on Wet Canvas. I described it at the time as the equivalent of one of those boring evenings with the neighbours when they get out all their holiday snaps and tell you all about their recent holiday. But it did help to stimulate my interest in blogging!

The great thing about a blog is that if you're not interested you don't have to be here :) so the reality is that people who sketch themselves or who have holidayed or hope to holiday in Venice may well find the posts about this trip interesting - while everybody else can exercise their right to avoid being bored and can go and chat elsewhere! I'm sure there's somebody more interesting in the kitchen - there always is!

Now I'm going to do a post for each day - you'll get the weather(!), the photos and the drawings and paintings. Get your drinks ready and remember to smile sweetly every time I turn round to see whether you're still paying attention to the 'slide show'. No snoozing at the back!

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  1. I like the Venice stuff: you're right it can be a little overwhelming! I went there two years ago for the first time since 1972- four days of visual overload!

    Did you go on a organised trip, or did you do it yourselves? The reason I ask is that we're heading off to live in Umbria in two months time: and are thinking of offering 'sketching holidays', in fact we 'd like to make them open to artists, photographers, and encourage diverse media.

    I'd be interested in your experiences, re numbers, potential problems etc.



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