Saturday, July 08, 2006

Venice 2005 - Summary

This thread provides links to all the individual posts relating to my trip to Venice in May 2005.
They are all posted sequentially so if you go to the first, you can then read the whole trip by scrolling up the page.
  1. Sketching in Venice - May 2005 - introduction
  2. Venice - Sunday 8th May 2005 - sightseeing, a boat race, Harry's Bar, the Dogana and the Salute
  3. Venice - Monday 9th May 2005 - what to do when it's wet and windy; the pescheria and Desdemona's house
  4. Venice - Tuesday 10th May 2005 (morning) - the view from the Arsenal
  5. Venice - Tuesday 10th May 2005 (afternoon) - a shopping trolley, pigments and wooden pears
  6. Venice - Wednesday 11th May 2005 - Piazza San Marco, lunch and sketching at Quadris and the Palazzos Dario and Barbero on the Grand Canal (both associated with Monet painting in Venice)
  7. Venice - Thursday 12th May 2005 - the Friary Church and the Ca D'Oro
  8. Venice - Friday 13th May 2005 (morning) - the market, the Rialto Bridge
  9. Venice - Friday 13th May 2005 (lunch and afternoon) - lunch and sketching waiters, more Rialto and noisy gondoliers, exhibition
  10. Venice - Conclusions
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  1. Thanks Glory. Next time I go (and I'm sure of that ;) )I'm going to take my pastels and will try paintings as well. This last trip I just wanted to get a much better sense of what was there and how it worked so I could do better paintings as a result. Sketching was much the best way of working for that.

    I did the one of the guitar player - but I might well have another go at that one. You can see it on the Venice gallery on my website here

    I've got others that I want to work up but which and are still on the 'to do' list.


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