Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Other people's sketchbooks

Just a reminder - inbetween my sketching trips (New England is coming up!) - that I have included in the side column links to other people's sketchbooks of their travels.

I haven't done a count up yet but in terms of countries that people travel to to draw / sketch / paint I think France might just be out in front!
I'm not biased towards only including women in this list - but they do seem to be the only ones who've got their travel sketches properly organised for linking to!

Drop me a line if you've developed a travel sketchbook online and would like to be listed in this blog. All I need is a dedicated html link which won't look different next week or in six months time and a site which includes a decent number of travel sketches - ie sketches done on your travels not sketches of places overseas done from photos. Flickr works well for assembling one site which contains all those travel sketches which are otherwise scattered about - see how Cindy uses Flickr for an example. Updates are also welcome for new online sketchbooks relating to recent trips! And travel sketches don't just need to be of 'scenes' - sketches of the local food and drink and other things you saw on your trip are most acceptable. After all Carol specialises in Paris Breakfasts!

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  1. Hallo, visit my blog from Napoli, Italia.
    I just discover that we have the same title, and same model:
    When i started i have never visited a blog on sketchbooks before. We are so many now!
    I linked your blog...
    Ciao, Simonetta

  2. Ciao Simonetta - what a lovely lot of travel sketches! Nice to know who my doppelganger is - and that they draw so nicely!!!

    Thank you for the link - I shall include yours also in the right hand column

    Ciao Simonetta - ché lotto bello della corsa abbozza! Nizza per conoscere chi il mio doppelganger è - e quella che disegnano così piacevolmente!!! Grazie per il collegamento - includerò il vostro inoltre nella colonna destra

  3. Thanks so much for the nice shout-out Katherine. Interesting point about women's sketchbooks predominating on the NET. It could be an offshoot of the scrapbook phenomenon...
    There's a show on now I hope to see in Boston of artist's sketchbooks at the Fogg Museum and no women represented of course :(
    But the excellent site is worth a visit

  4. You can see my review of the show here


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