Sunday, March 18, 2007

A new purpose and format for Travels with a Sketchbook

The "Travels with my Sketchbook" page from my website

In future, in order to keep all my sketches done on my travels in one place, this blog will be used for sketches from various activities associated with domestic travels. It will also continue to be used, as it has been in the past, for blogging about:
  • sketching on international trips,
  • art kits/supplies for sketch trips and
  • the sketchbooks of other travelling sketchers.
To get this started I'm going to post the images and narrative from past posts on "Making a Mark" on this blog which relate to:
  • International Sketchcrawls - see 'International Sketchcrawls' label
  • Sketches done of the views seen while travelling either side of the River Thames - see 'River Thames' label
  • Sketches of places in London - see 'London' label
  • Sketches done while visiting National Trust and other heritage sites in the UK - see 'National Trust and UK Heritage'
  • Sketches done while visiting Art Galleries and Museums - see 'Art Galleries and Museums' label;
  • Sketches done while visiting various hostelries (restaurants, cafes, wine bars, pubs) - see 'Interiors - eating and drinking' label
This isn't going to happen overnight and I'm sorry if their publication as the transfer takes place irritates people who've already seen them but I can't think of another way of doing it. Any suggestions for alternative ways of doing this will be gratefully received.

Sketches will still be posted on Making a Mark with a brief narrative - but the more detailed narrative with links will be kept to this blog. Given the time sometimes needed to write the narrative, there may sometimes be an interval between the two posts.

As and when I have the time I will also post sketches from past international trips and write about the places associated with each sketch.

So in summary - what are the changes?
  • For those who just want to read "Making a Mark", you'll see less text with the sketches posted on this blog
  • For those who just like sketches, you'll have a blog which is just dedicated to sketching - plus quite a lot of information about the places I visit.
  • For those who like both blogs: I'm afraid it means two places to visit if you want all the information which I like writing about and want to post with my sketches. Mind you it's not a problem if you've subscribed to the blog and got a feed reader or an e-mail subscription. (For subscriptions to either see the top of the right hand column).
Do let me know what you think about this change by using the comments function.

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