Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sketching Victoria Park and the Hertford Union

This was originally published as Sketching East London in Making a Mark on 3rd May 2006. Given the quantity of East London sketches I've done since then I've changed the title plus added some new links.

I am trialling Julie Oakley's exercise and sketch routine mentioned in yesterday's thread "Drawing the UK Countryside" I know I'm not going to be able to manage a daily routine but I thought I'd give it a go. (See note below)

So armed with Moleskine and a mechanical pencil I set out. We have a network of canals and a network of parks where I live which are wonderful for walks - so I've got one of each.

First the Hertford Union Canal Top Lock - sketched from the Footpath Bridge. The canal and bridge were both opened in 1830. It runs alongside Victoria Park and is now a branch of the Regent's Canal and is part of the Grand Union system.

The next sketch is of a London Plane Tree and rugby posts in Victoria Park. The park was created in 1842 and is of considerable historical interest being the first Victorian park to be owned by the public and designed for recreational use.

(Note: Julie Oakley's walking and sketching efforts in the Hertfordshire countryside around her home have been prodigious and her blog "One Mile From Home" won my "Get off your blogging bottom and sketch" award at the end of 2006. She's still walking and sketching - as of yesterday she was up to Walk 337. I'm afraid I dropped out long ago but am a faithful reader. Check out Julie's blog for sketch views of rural Hertfordshire - complete with small child and dog.)


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  1. Takes me back to when I used to play cricket in Victoria Park and regularly walk along the Regents Canal from Islington to Limehouse.

  2. Now there you go! I knew it was a good idea to post these sketches again as there are a whole bunch of people who never saw them the first time around.

    I find that when a blog gets big the most you can do is dip itno archives and whether you find sketches which connect with you is largely hit or miss.

    I expect I'll be doing more Victoria Park ones Dave as it's one of my favourite places. Apparently it also used to be the favourite park of the Director of London Parks - so he used to keep very quiet about it so it wouldn't be spoilt!


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