Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Travels with a Kent

Bluebell Beginnings
8" x 12", coloured pencil on Arches Hot Press paper
Antique White mat, American Oak Frame £195
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

The next section of this blog will feature sketchbook blog posts (from Making a Mark) which are about places in Kent. These all include sketches which are drawn in pencil or pen and ink and then completed using coloured pencils.

The summary list of posts relating to Kent - in the order they were published is as follows:
These posts will be posted after this summary and the hyperlink to each post will be added to this summary as each is published.

I'll also include a date at the end of each post of when it was first published on 'Making A Mark' but otherwise won't comment further.

In future, this summary will be:
  • included in the "trip summaries" section (near the top of the right hand column)
  • updated on a monthly basis if I've posted a sketch of Kent in the previous month.
The image at the top of this post is a drawing I completed based on the sketch I did and the photos taken during my visit to Emmetts Garden in Kent last April (see 'Sketching bluebells').

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