Sunday, April 01, 2007

Victoria Park: The Tea Pavilion

The Tea Pavilion
11.5 x 17 inches, coloured pencils in Daler Rowney sketchbook
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

This sketch was done last last summer and posted on Making a Mark on 13 June 2006. New links added about walks involving Victoria Park and relevant information sites at the bottom.

Another really hot day yesterday - I sketched under the trees next to the artificial lake and the Tea Pavilion in my local park. Much musing on the colour of leaves on the trees as the weeks pass by - and why I need all those greens in my collection - and why the ones I wanted seemed to be at home!

It always amazes me what a drop of red does in a largely green image. It's always great fun adding it in - this time to suggest people and (as usual) to get better darks as the complementary hue.

I draw people as one shape and largely as light shapes against a dark background. There isn't a lot of detail, nor does there need to be.

This sketch is size A3 (it's done on a double page spread of my A4 size Daler Rowney hardback black sketchbook) and was completed using coloured pencils.

(1st April 2007) I've included some new links to walks involving Victoria Park.
  • London Landscape Web is a guide to sites of landscape design interest in London with both historic and modern sites included. It has an entry for Victoria Park and a directions for undertaking a walk from Blackheath to Victoria Park using the foot tunnel under the Thames.
  • The Open Guide to London is a free guide to London which allows you to search using either categories or key words. It has a page for Victoria Park which highlights other amenities near by such as the Hertford Union Canal, to the South East of the park and by the Regent's Canal to the South West. It highlights a favourite walk of mine between Victoria Park and Mile End Park along the Regent's Canal.
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  1. Your drawings are really inspiring me to put more effort into coloured pencils - when I finish the 5K challenge, I am going to do it. THANK you for the Lambert - line for a walk - recommendation. I ordered it from Amazon and it arrived within a week. I love it and has given me lots of ideas for my journal of my impending solo 4 day cycle/sketch trip to inland NSW. There are quite a lot of night sketches on my 5K radius blog, especially in August when my mother was very ill and I could only walk at night. I did lots of 'through other people's windows' and sidewalk shadows. I particularly liked just pencil in the moleskins for these, though sometimes I added crayon.


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