Monday, April 23, 2007

Travels with a the north of England

The refectory windows at Fountains Abbey
pen and sepia ink and coloured pencils in daler Rowney A4 sketchbook

copyright Katherine Tyrrell

I'm interrupting the posts about Kent for a new section of sketches recently done on my trip to the north of England. Over the next week or so I'll be posting sketches of:[10th June 2007: Revised/Updated ] This summary post will be updated as blog posts are posted to this blog.

Sketches have been transferred from Making A Mark. These include:
Both of the above posts on this blog now include links to the places mentioned in the blog post.

[2nd November 2007: Revised/Updated] More sketches from the North of England:

A link to this summary post is inserted into the "Travels with my sketchbook in...." section in the right hand column (which groups together all summary posts).


  1. Looking forward to these; Fountains Abbey is a beautiful spot.

  2. This is a treat. Good freehand perspective on the arches.


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