Thursday, October 04, 2007

Lunch at The National Cafe

The National Cafe
11" x 16", pen and ink in Sketchbook
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

I had lunch in the National Cafe yesterday after going to the first lecture in the Diversity of Drawing series - which is being run as part of the Big Draw at the National Gallery.

As it was 2.00pm before I got there the 'after lunch' crowd was beginning to diminish and I stayed to draw the Cafe - with lots and lots (and lots) of hatching. I do believe this might have even been "a one pen drawing" as it's not looking too happy on the ink front now! The pen was a Pilot G-Tec-C4 which has a very fine point. There's an awful lot of very fine hatching in this one and it took me over an hour and half to cover the 11x16" image. I'm still trying to decide whether or not to add colour. I might try taking a print of the stitched image and colouring that instead of the original.

As I'm going to be going to the National Gallery for the lecture series every Wednesday in October, I'm going to use the opportunity to produce more drawings of interiors of people places where people eat. So there should be one of these each week. I spotted another excellent subject for a drawing from the table I was sat at - so I'll have to try and get that one again.

I may even have to try A National Catastrophe........
Our Famous Ice Cream Sundae
Made from freshly churned vanilla ice cream, marshmallow, hazelnuts, caramel, meringue, cookie crumbs, fresh raspberry sauce, whipped cream and chocolate sauce.
Does it get any more dangerous?
Now before anybody asks - here's the menu and I had the gravadlax and the smoked haddock fish cake with poached egg - lots of fish and lots of green leaves and no dessert! Food was fine but it was slightly puzzling as to why it took 5 different people to deliver and collect my dishes....???

I then trotted off to see the 44th Annual Exhibition of the Society of Wildlife Artists before returning home via the National Gallery Shop and the book sale - 50% off some of the National Gallery titles and catalogues for both exhibitions, British paintings and the National Gallery Complete Illustrated Catalogue, the catalogue of National Gallery British Paintings and other catalogues until 14th October. Very tempting - and I was tempted - but could only carry so much!



  1. Aamazing sketch, I love how you take in the whole room.
    Looks like pencil, what pen do you use?

  2. Anita - the pen was a Pilot G-Tec-C4 which has a very fine point. It says o.4 and I think it produces a 0.2 line.

  3. Thanx Katherine, I used to use a 0.1 but your line looks alot thinner than the line my 0.1 produced.
    I guess there must be a difference in brands, I know my pitt 0.1 is alot thicker than my Staedtler 0.1.
    Thanx again!

  4. a truly impressive sketch, I love the sense of space and atmosphere you've achieved

  5. Thanks Cin.

    It's always difficult when the woodwork is black and the walls are pale cream. I find I have to forget the colour and just go for the tonal values all the time - and that in turn seems to stop things looking too flat.

  6. I just discovered your blogs and have spent a goodly amount of time exploring and marveling at your drawings and the wealth of information you have collected (and share!).
    I stopped on this drawing because it is so inviting and beautifully executed; but, I could have easily commented at any other entry...such is the depth of your work.


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