Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Drawing, tea and DVDs at the National Portrait Gallery

Tea at the National Portrait Gallery
11" x 8" pen and ink and coloured pencil in Daler Rowney sketchbook
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

This is a shorter version of a post which was first seen on Making A Mark on 13th January 2007.

On Thursday afternoon I went back to the National Portrait Gallery for another look at the David Hockney Portraits exhibition which closes on 21st January. I arrived just after 1.30pm and left about 7.00pm (Thursdays and Fridays being late night opening). This must have been one of the most successful exhibitions that the NPG has ever had as it was busy all afternoon and was packed again after 5.00pm.

Drawing the work of other artists is a very well established tradition - and I'd love to show you what I did but I don't think I can as Mr Hockney is very much alive rather than dead for more than 70 years so copyright restrictions apply. I can justify 'fair use' for educational purposes - and I've now got a much better understanding of how he draws. None of my drawings are for commercial use and I'd show you all my sketchbooks if you were sat next to me - but on the internet I'm not so sure........... Anyway, I've written to the authorised website - so we shall see.

Instead you can see my sketch done in dim light sat in the Portrait Restaurant having a "Portrait Tea". My position gave me a good view of the roof of the National Gallery, Nelson's column (Nelson was just out of view) in Trafalfgar Square and the car lights and rain-soaked ground in Whitehall with Big Ben and the House of Parliament and the tower of Westminster Abbey visible in the background. I'm minded to try and draw this view as the seasons change and at different times of day as I find it endlessly fascinating.

(Note: I now have a conundrem as to whether the view looks better with or without people - see Sunday's post. I rather like the idea of the people 'weighting' the base and providing a counterbalance to all the geometric shapes. The values and colours in this one now look a bit 'off' to me having drawn it again. Maybe third time lucky? )

David Hockney Fifteen Sketchbooks 2002-2003

For those people who are Hockneyphiles (you know who you are!), I can confirm that the people providing support to the Hockney Pictures (which is the authorised website) are accepting orders for the DVD of "David Hockney Fifteen Sketchbooks 2002-2003". Use the contact form identified here to ask for a copy. Hockneyphiles in the USA have now managed to get a copy of the DVD through this route. (For an update on this and details of how to buy the DVD at the Hockney Pictures store see the original post.)

I've added a link to the shop below plus links to other posts about the Hockney exhibitions.


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