Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Earn lots of money or get lots of grief?

Very lazy people should take some time out to note that every time you take my short feed - including the bit which says 'copyright Katherine Tyrrell' and decorate it every which way with Google AdSense adverts on a spam blog you are reported to Google AdSense for abusing my copyright which infringes your agreement with Google. If you took the time to read rather than steal my blog posts then you'd note that my detailed copyright notice says that all spam bloggers will be reported. Keep at it and I'll also start writing to your domain host and domain name registrar.

Next could Google AdSense please note that every time I have to go through this exercise I also notify some of the people who are using Google AdSense adverts - which are being used for fraudulent purposes.

I'm being defrauded, the advertisers are being defrauded and Google AdSense, the website hosts and the domain name registrars get a lot of e-mail and reports of abuses.

And for all the normal readers of this blog.........I'm now waiting to see whether this particular posts starts to decorate the particular spam blog which is currently systematically ripping off all this blog's posts - and which has been repeatedly reported to Google AdSense who seem to be 'treating' the problem on a post by post basis at the moment as opposed to withdrawing all Google AdSense adverts from what it is a very blatent spam blog. Shame on you Google!

I am also alerting people to any theft I see of their posts - as I did yesterday. If it happens to you do let me know and I'll tell you what to do and also tell you how to find out if it is happening to you.


  1. I share your grief. Some people use the internet as a tool to steal everything because it's so easy. They have cheated all their lives so this is nothing new for them. Love your site and artwork by the way.

  2. Thanks Terry.

    I think I heard recently that something like 90% of internet traffic was spam or people trying to rip people off. Makes you wonder how many more people are not ripping us off but are sitting on their hands doing nothing.........

  3. BTW folks - everybody go visit terry's blog - he has some really super pen and ink sketches and drawings.


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