Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Carluccios - 12 West Smithfield

Carluccio's, 12 West Smithfield
12" x 16", coloured pencils in sketchbook

copyright Katherine Tyrrell

I had dinner with my 30 something god-daughter last night. She was in town for a training course and we went out for dinner at Carluccio's in West Smithfield.
South west of the historic Smithfield Market and opposite St Bart's hospital. Farringdon, Barbican and St Paul's are all close by. Originally a wine merchants, dating back to the 18th century. Original shop front, columns and wooden ceilings have all been restored.
Carluccio's - 12 West Smithfield EC1A 9JR
I like Carluccio's a lot - nice Italian food in caffès which are always well lit without being over bright, simple in style plus nice food.

I had the Calamari Fritti and the Fegata e Patate and GD had the Insalata Verde com Parmagiano and the Tortelloni di Cervo plus we shared Zucchini and Spinachi and a bottle of red. You can find translations (and the alternatives) in the caffe summer menu (but careful it's a pdf file - and you'll have to salivate over all the different options for Primi, Antipasti, Insalata, Paste, Secondi and Contorni!)

The major problem with Carluccios is getting in and out of the caffè while passing through the food shop! There's always a temptation..........

I sketched a little before dinner arrived and then again at the end over cappuccino - and then got up early this morning and used my coloured pencils while my colour memory was still fresh. I had to use the clone stamp to get rid of the join and I'm now looking at that central column thinking I could do with knocking that back a bit value-wise.

My awful foot (which is currently on strike) survived the trip into town so I'm just wondering whether I dare trying to get out this afternoon..........



  1. I've just passed blog awards on to you. And yes, I totally understand if you don't have time to participate.

  2. Nice to see your sketches, especially the West Smithfield one (can't spell Carluccio!). I will be drawing at Smithfield soon, because I go to the Smithfield Nocturne Cycle Race every year. Its a lovely, nostalgic part of London. Got sketches for last two year events. Do you ever go?


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