Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Rother Valley from Great Dixter

The Rother Valley from Great Dixter
pencil and coloured pencils in Moleskine

copyright Katherine Tyrrell

...or more precisely, this is the view of the Rother Valley from the car park at Great Dixter at Northiam in East Sussex.

Great Dixter has very many people who visit this superb garden as it metamorphoses through the planting season. The garden was originally designed by Lutyens. It has become a labour intensive garden with heavy planting latterly maintained by Christopher Lloyd with the help of Head Gardener Fergus Garrett and his team and, since Christopher's death in 2006, by the Great Dixter Charitable Trust.

Friends of Great Dixter (and I'm one of them) know that that the choice of available refreshments is not great. Hence a lot of people tend to picnic in the car park before starting their visit or after coming out of the gardens! After all we have all come from miles around to visit the garden - it takes us a complete day!

I made this sketch while I eat lunch - being an inveterate "eater/sketcher". I've always really liked this view - it's even better when it has sheep in the field! I think I prefer the perspective from further over to the right and I'm going to make a more formal drawing out of that view one day.

The gardens were as fabulous as ever - much more rampant than in April when we last visited (see Great Dixter in the Spring). The gunnera down by the river and next to the pond is simply ENORMOUS!

Tomorrow I'm going to post my sketch of The Long Border and will also include:
  • a plan so you can see thr layout of the garden and where I've sat to do my sketches of the garden to date.
  • a small selection of the photos I took so you get a bit of a sense of the garden.

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