Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Ecology Park Pond in December

The Ecology Park Pond - 26th December 2008
8.5" x 11.5" pencil and coloured pencils
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

We went out yesterday for our Boxing Day Constitutional along the Regents Canal to Victoria Park - expecting to find lots of people also out walking - but we saw very few people. Maybe they had all gone to to the 70% discount sales?

This is the Ecology Park Pond which I sketched when I was reviewing the Derwent Safai Journal. Except yesterday the sky was an intense blue overhead - as was the pond - and the pollarded willows didn't have any leaves. The low afternoon sun in a very clear blue sky created a brilliant mix of complementary colours. I have to confess that it was so cold that the coloured pencil got added when I got home!

I'm thinking about maybe drawing this pond and its trees every month in 2009..........(see Reflections on a Pond)


  1. Beautiful reflections, Katherine. And a great idea for a series - watching the passage of time.

    Best wishes for a wonderful 2009!

  2. Thanks Robyn. They are great reflections aren't they?

  3. I love the color choices especially, soft, inviting. Makes me want to take a walk there ... I like the idea of a series, seeing the same spot as time passes, whether that's through a day or through the seasons. Very lovely ... best wishes for the coming year, Katherine!


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