Saturday, January 10, 2009

The 21st Worldwide Sketchcrawl is today!

The 21st Worldwide Sketchcrawl is today - the 10th January 2009. You can find out where sketchcrawls are taking place by consulting the 21st World Wide SketchCrawl in the Sketchcrawl Forum.

As usual, the threads which are very active are those relating to:
although this year Sydney - Australia is more active than Los Angeles!

The Sketchcrawl T shirt is now available

This year the people in San Francisco are changing the way they operate - a very sensible move to my mind. Getting to a starting point on time can be a lot more difficult than getting to a finishing point more or less at the same time - especially if it's somewhere where everybody will hang around for a while looking at each other's sketchbooks
In San Francisco we are trying something a little different this time around, instead of meeting at the beginning of the day in a large group we are planning to meet at the end of the drawing day … the idea is to go on our own separate adventures and reconvene to share them.
Enrico Casarosa - The biggest crawl of them all …
Other threads that I note have been opened - by continent - include:
And by the nature of things - I've not got this posted before Sydney starts to post its RESULTS!

You can always have your own tailor made sketchcrawl. Find a time slot in your day and then work out what you can do within that - and the constraints of your local environment and weather.
There are no rules:
-Anyone can participate, be it to draw for 20 minutes or the full day.
-Any level of ability is welcome from veteran artists to first time sketchers.
-Any age! Try it with your kids!
SketchCrawls - how to participate and how to post images!
I'm waiting to see what the weather does as it's been far too cold to sketch outside all week and I'm not keen on indoors sketching in a Museum on a Saturday - plus I've got 'things to do' today. I'm also going out a week on Sunday with my sketching group for a sketchcrawl around Spitalfields so I think I'll probably stay close to home today. If the weather gets better I may well go for a "four ponds sketchcrawl"!


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