Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wet evening at Burlington House

Wet evening at Burlington House
sketched from the leather sofas of the Friends Room, Royal Academy of Arts
Brushes iPad app and iPad
copyright Katherine Tyrrell
This is my very first digital sketch on my brand new iPad.  It's the direct result of learning how to use Brushes - with no manual or instruction - while sat on the leather sofas in the Friends Room at the Royal Academy.

I was quite pleased to end up with ANYTHING which looked remotely like a drawing!  However I can now see the potential of the iPad as a sketchbook and will be doing this again.  Although I might practice a bit more first!

It's a bit of an odd sketch since it has the capacious and comfortable black leather sofa under the window at the bottom and then the wet courtyard of Burlington House out the window behind.

Two elderly ladies watched me while they had their cup of tea and came up and asked me about it before they left.  They were very intrigued and absolutely loved the way the picture swivels when I turned it towards them.

Anyway - what do you think?  Any good?

I had a little bit of a fright as I left the RA and walked out under the archway to Piccadilly.  There was police incident tape absolutely everywhere.  It turned out that there was a "suspect vehicle" (which in London is code for "suspect bomb") parked not very far away and the Police had closed down the whole of Piccadilly.  It's a long time since a policeman has said to me "I wouldn't look that way" as I turned around to peer and see where it was.  Realising that white van man had parked a bit too close for comfort I scurried away to the tube - all the while doing mental calculations about the value of the artwork currently residing in the exhibition galleries inside Burlington House!


  1. I think it's amazing. The iPad brings another dimension to art, and yours is a great example.


  2. Wow, Katherine, this is terrific. I've never seen an ipad, but it does look like fun and if this is your first attempt it certainly bodes well for the future!

  3. Having tried this recently i am qualified to' be extremely impressed. Wonderful!

  4. I just got an ipad after your recent post about one. I'm very impressed too.

  5. great stuff K, I love drawing with my fingers and , by the look of it, you do too. One of the things that is good about it is that it seems to encourage looser drawing and experimentation.

  6. I LOVE this!!!! It has such energy and boldness and it is a very successful night rendering --wow! You make me want to try this.

  7. Well you're already a Mac convert Laura!

    I'm certainly going to be doing more of these. It was fun. First I think I might just read that manual!


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