Friday, June 19, 2009

Developing a view of the East Lake

East Lake, Victoria Park
8" x 10", pen and coloured pencils in Moleskine sketchbook

copyright Katherine Tyrrell

My favourite long walk wends its way between various watery places - the Regents Canal, the Ecology Park Pond, the Hertford Union Canal, the West Lake and the East Lake in Victoria Park. I don't think the conventional view of the East End of London includes lots of green space and water - but that's what I've got!

This is a sketch I did on Tuesday this week. This is a view I really like and I'm feeling my way into it - trying to stick to bigger shapes at the moment. I was sat on my new sketching stool - still liking it - on one of the platforms built into the lake for the anglers.

The combination of a long walk and going to the BP Portrait Awards in the evening meant that my Sketchercise total for Tuesday was quite respectable - 11,432 steps and 5.413 miles.

Making a Mark reviews......


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  2. I love seeing the direction of your pencil marks; they lend a nice shimmery quality. The colors and the pattern or light and dark are beautiful!


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