Monday, June 15, 2009

It's a watercolour.........

Willow Pond 14th June 2009 5.00pm
watercolour and coloured pencil in Conté à Paris sketchbook

copyright Katherine Tyrrell

.....but it's got coloured pencil on top as I'm not great at watercolour!

I was trying out a new sketching kit during a late afternoon sketch of a weed covered Willow Pond while sat on my new sketching stool on Heron Bridge. (See Ecology Park Pond series)
  • set of 12 large pans of Schminke watercolours
  • enormous brush - specifically chosen so I wasn't tempted to get detail oriented
  • Conté à Paris sketchbook - an old favourite, great paper for watercolour sketches
  • 2 pill tubs for water - haven't tried these before but they work fine
  • a few coloured pencils
  • pentel HB mechanical pencil - for initial layout
The big brush worked in terms of avoiding detail. Mixing watercolours was much faster as well plus it was great for working round edges and softening them up when used with clean water, however I think it'll take a bit of practice before I can use it really effectively.

The most difficult bit was trying to work out the mix for the very dark water. I was mixing complementary colours for quite a while before I hit on the perfect mixture which of course I now can't remember as I didn't write it down!

I did write a blog post A few tips about watercolour last year - such a pity I can't always remember them. It was originally written as much as a reminder for me as anybody else! I think I might need to print it out before I have another go.

Sketchercise: 5,509 steps 2.608 miles


  1. I followed the link for Conte a Paris but coudn't find anything about sketchbooks. Could you show us a photo of your kit, Katherine?

  2. I know - I'm still looking for their sketchbooks. That's why the link is to them rather than to a sketchbook

    I bought it at Cornelissens some years ago - as in the first sketch in it is dated 1991! It was the one I used to use for watercolours before I switched to using coloured pencils which work better in other sketchbooks.

    I asked at Cornelissens and they hadn't had any in ages

    I sometimes feel like I might be the only person with one!

  3. I think you may be right, I tried googling "Conte a paris sketchbook" and only got two results - both Making a Mark!

  4. I know - it's weird. I know I'm often one of very few people who have written about something but this time I think I may have the only sketchbook which has ever been used by a blgger!

  5. Beautiful watercolour, Katherine. I can't see how much pencil you've brought to it, apart from the trees but who cares - mixed media, watercolour - beautiful anyway.

    My goodness your watercolour kit sounds quite large compared to mine. My secret weapon is a tiny spray bottle of water ( such as you get from the optometrist to clean your glasses). I use this to wet the paint in the tins and mix my colours on the lid. Am using waterbrushes to paint but they are not as good as real brushes so I may soon amend the kit.

    Keep going, this is great!

  6. do more of this!

    it's really successful and is nice and free

    I usually use cp's with my watercolours as it adds to the language of marks available

  7. Great work you´ve done with the water. I like it


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