Friday, October 02, 2009

2nd October: Rouen and Normandy

Three of the paintings of Rouen Cathedral by Monet
(images from The Atheneaum)

This morning I wake up in Rouen and with a bit of luck, look out my hotel window and see the facade of Rouen Cathedral - that I'd last seen in Monet's paintings in the Musee d'Orsay (see post re 28th September)

Rousen is famous for:
I'm actually planning on getting up early so that I can spend some sketching Rouen Cathedral. However I'm very mindful of the fact that Monet found that painting the cathedral's facade was extremely difficult.

We're staying right opposite the cathedral in the Cardinal Hotel at 1, Place de la Cathédrale and if I'm really lucky I may be able to do all my sketches from my room! I do know that Monet took rooms opposite the cathdral while he was painting in Rouen.

This morning we motor down through Normandy our next overnight stop at the Château de Boucéel so that we can visit to Mont St Michel.


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