Sunday, October 04, 2009

4th October: Meeting up with Ronell

I'm hoping that this morning we can meet up with fellow Sketcherciser and Watermarks member Ronell van Wyk.

You may know Ronell from her popular blogs African Tapestry, My French Kitchen and more recently Coin perdu, a mountain home.

This means of course that I also get to see Ronell's french kitchen, her pantry, her herb garden and her atelier in Montlouis-sur Loire just outside Tours.

Ronell's kitchen
My French kitchen

Ronell is promising to give us tips on what to do and see while we're in the Loire Valley - although my niece already has a schedule of what she wants to see of which more later this week. I think we're hoping to get a sketching trip organised plus I'm hoping we might be able to taste some of the food which looks absolutely delicious on Ronell's blog.

I think, given our status as two Sketchercisers and Watermarks bloggers there may be a good chance that take a brisk walk up the River Loire and then sketch it!

However you're more likely to see what happens next if you visit her blogs!


  1. Morning to you...I have the coffee boiling here at Montlouis...where are you!!

  2. Thanks for posting so I can enjoy your trip with you.

  3. I've enjoyed catching up on your various travels. Nice You Tube channel too!


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