Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tea at The Kew Greenhouse

On our way back to the station from Kew Gardens we always pass The Kew Greenhouse which is a small cafe which always looks inviting and seems to be busy.

Tea at The Kew Greenhouse
8" x 10", pen and sepia ink and coloured pencils
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

With the earlier winter closing times, we'd missed our afternoon cup of tea in one of the Kew cafes on our last visit. So I managed to persuade Himself that we needed to stop for a cup of tea.

I of course also meant that it was time to grab a few minutes for a sketch inside where it's nice and warm.........

We were squeezed onto the only vacant table - not a great spot unless you sketch! It provided an interesting perspective on all the other people in the main part of the cafe - from behind some huge plant with lollopy leaves.

The overall format of the composition reminded me a little bit of Japanese prints.

I really must start converting my sketches into 'proper' figurative drawings as I always find them interesting to do. I simply love speculating about the relationships of different people from afar.

The really odd thing about The Kew Greenhouse Cafe - which appears quintissentially English (Miss Marple would not be out of place) - is that all the plants are artificial and the waitresses and the girls who serve behind the counter all seem to hail from an Eastern European country - not that long ago judging by the language of choice.

Only in Kew? Miss Marple would know why..........



  1. I think being seated by the plant really added interest to the sketch. I don't know if as a diner it was the best table to have. (But I see with an artist's eye. lol) I like this!

  2. Great sketch. I get all the info as if I were there plus a view of your sketch. Perfect


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