Monday, March 08, 2010

The Barbican Terrace

Barbican Terrace
8" x 10", pen and sepia ink and coloured pencils
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

This is a sketch I did back at the beginning of February which I forgot to post. I sat out on the terrace having a sandwich after delivering my drawings for the exhibition last month. I think it was the first relatively mild day after the January icebox. I remember drawing it because I was intrigued by the palms against the City of London shield logo!

It's now also turned into my first experiment at using Photoshop Elements on my new imac. I thought that when I'm changing so much it would be nice to stay with something that I know - but Elements has changed too between 7 and 8 - and of course this is the Mac version!

But I'm getting there. This was scanned using my printer which the imac seemed to recognise straight away. However not from within Elements - still got to work that one out.


  1. Looking good, Katherine! You seem to be converting to Mac very well.

    I also love your Leadenhall sketch.

  2. Thanks Robyn. Considering that an hour earlier I didn't have either my multinfunction printer/scanner attached or Elementsuploaded to the iMac I don't think I'm doing too bad!

  3. Wonderful, Katherine. Those palm fronds really speak to me, too. I've just done a quick sketch of a new windmill palm in my garden. As always, I like to see your and other artists' different ways of rendering similar subjects. Glad you're happy with your Mac!

  4. I love the arch of the palm fronds in this!!! I'm glad you had a chance to sketch from life. Soon the weather will be warm enough to paint outdoors for more than a few minutes. I recently did get to do one sketch outdoors without sitting in my car.


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