Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sketching at the Brokers Wine Bar

My cufflinks were killing me
11.5" x 8.5"; pen and sepia ink and coloured pencils in Winsow & newton sketchbook

copyright Katherine Tyrrell UKCPS

Later this month, my drawing group is having an exhibition at the Brokers Wine Bar in Leadenhall Market. I decided that I'd like to display sketches and drawings of either the market or the wine bar or maybe both. I need to get on with these so yesterday took myself off to the Brokers Wine Bar on my way home from other activities in the City of London.

I've already completed one sketch (see Leadenhall Market on a very dull and rainy day) but I find drawings come more easily if I've had a qood walk around a place and familiarised myself with it. Yesterday it was dry and a lot brighter than my last visit so I had a long walk around Leadenhall Market and photographed it from every angle so I can work out which views are going to work best in what format before I go back and draw.

I discovered that early evening is also a really good time to draw as the rather marvellous market lights were on making for a very attractive scene. Plus I like the contrast between the size of the structure and the size of the people having a drink outside the various hostelries in the market. I think maybe the smoking ban inside bars and pubs has made this a more popular place given you can be outside and under cover at the same time!

Early evening in Leadenhall market
Brokers Wine Bar is on the first floor above the Pen Shop

I'm guessing that a number of the people who were around and about probably work at Lloyds of London as this is immediately adjacent to the market. It's interesting that both Leadenhall Market and the world's leading insurance market stand in a place which used to be the forum and basilica some 1,900 years ago in Roman Londonium.

The people at the Brokers Wine Bar were very helpful and friendly when I said I wanted to sketch - many thanks to Kevin and Veronica.

This is my first attempt at a sketch of this very long narrow bar which has windows looking down on the market on its long wall and pictures all over its walls.

I'm planning to go back to have lunch and sketch some more.

Thanks to all the people in the bar who I met yesterday and who made me feel very welcome.


  1. I'm still chuckling over the title of this piece! This is great. I like how you included the people, the chairs, and that wonderful mirror reflecting what was to the rear. It looks like a fun place to sketch, and it is nice that they were so welcoming.


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