Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Cosmic Conversation + RA Sketchbook

The Cosmic Conversation
The Portrait Gallery cafe #3
pen and sepia ink in Royal Academy sketchbook, 20cm x 20cm
copyright Katherine Tyrrell
After visiting the press preview of the new Thomas Lawrence exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, I went for a quick bite to eat and herbal tea in the basement cafe.  (Note: exhibition review to follow/highly recommended by me)

Two gents at the table next to me were having this very intent conversation about the cosmos and movements of the planets and planetary houses (as per astrology) while I sat and eat my crayfish and rocket on brown.  After 10 minutes of drawing people, the sketch was christened "The Cosmic Conversation"!

I've just started to use the Royal Academy Sketchbook (20cm square) which is a casebound sewn sketchbook containing 80 leaves (160 pages) of mouldmade Stockwell catridge paper.  It has different images by the members of the RA - mine's got a very nice by Fred Cuming RA who's one of my favourite ever painters.

It seems to work fine for pen and ink!  This is what one of my pen and ink sketches can often look like before I start to add coloured pencils

Royal Academy Sketchbook
Image: Camber Sands by Fred Cuming RA


  1. Great sketch, Katherine. I love the composition and fancy a bite of the 'crayfish on brown too.'

    You new sketchbook is my favourite format and what a classy cover.

  2. I just love how you capture cafe scenes!!! Great job on this. Love the new sketchbook too.


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