Friday, March 18, 2011

Sketching people with a brush

I met up with a friend I made a long time ago on Facebook recently.  It reminded me of a watercolour sketch I'd paintedof her while we were on a painting holiday together in 1993!

Lise in Goa
watercolour sketch in Conte a Paris Sketchbook
I think we'd got to the "challenges" stage of the holiday. You know the sort of thing - lots of limbering up and getting eye in has been achieved in the first week.  Now it's the second week and time to "go for it" in terms of trying new things!

So I tried painting directly with the brush ( no pencil first!) and only using two colours PLUS getting the full range of colours that I needed through using colour mixes, saturation and tints. 

This sketch is what I achieved.  I was quite pleased with this effort which didn't take too long.  I remember thinking at the time that maybe all those life drawing classes were paying off!

The reason it makes it into my Travels with a Sketchbook blog is because I did it in my Goa Travel Sketchbook in December 1993!  (Goa is in India)

Painting Holidays

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  1. Beautiful, Katherine. Like some of your other followers I would love to see more brush sketching by you. And you got lovely color mixes with you limited palette.


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