Sunday, May 01, 2011

A Cheshire Garden in Spring - and some new plants

Last year I sketched my mother's garden in early August (see A Cheshire garden in summer and Cosmo weighs up the escape routes). This month I did two sketches.

 The first is of what the same garden looks like in Spring - sketched in the middle of April this year.

Cosmo and the white cat - in A Cheshire Garden in Spring
11.5" x 17", coloured pencils and pen and ink in Large Moleskine Sketchbook
copyright Katherine Tyrrell
From left to right the garden includes cherry blossom, red tulips, a magnolia, an early clematis plus iris starting in the foreground plus lots and lots of fresh green leaves.

My cats as usual stake out their territory early on.  However Cosmo was rather nonplussed by a white cat who came in the garden and sat down.  Should he chase him off or make friends?  He just sat there and dithered - he's such a woos!

This second sketch is about the plants I bought to go in her front garden which needed a bit of a makeover.  They're all lined up below in the shade waiting to be planted.

I can never remember names - but I do know that there is now a very nice acer now sitting in a pot in the middle of the garden plus there are three David Austin Roses, some iris, a euphorbia and a cornus.  Lots of acid yellow green and red stems and pale yellow/cream/peachy blooms!  Plus some blue greens.  They do say that every green always goes with every other green!

New plants for the front garden
11" x 16", pen and sepia ink in Large Moleskine Sketchbook
copyright Katherine Tyrrell


  1. Lovely sketches Katherine. I always like to have a wide variety of greens in my garden, it has a cooling affect on my psyche in the scorching heat of a Texas summer.

    One question unrelated to art, how do you manage to get your cats to travel to go visiting gardens? We won't even discuss how mine behaves in a car, suffice it to say that I have a traveling vet who comes to my house.

  2. Oh, gorgeous, Katherine. Lovely color and great greens. And cats, besides--so cozy...

  3. Delightful drawing of Cosmo and the white cat - more Cosmo adventures please.

    I had to smile at the beautiful drawing of the new plants - a bit of self-interest was it? Anyway sounds like you had a wonderful visit with your mother and I always look forward to the glimpses you give us of her beautiful garden.

  4. It didn't feel in the least bit like self-interest when I was digging all the holes to get them planted. ;) My mother's garden is full of clay which is robust you could take it out of the ground and start making pots out of it! Plus there were a few roots to negotiate!

  5. I hope you realise this display of gardening talent means I will be leaning on the shovel chatting while you get down and get dirty in Provence. :)

  6. Beautiful vibrant colours. Being Cheshire born and bred, it made me feel a little nostalgic and homesick! Yes indeed, the clay is excellent when you're little and making your own pots but not much fun when you're gardening!


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