Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sketching the First Landscape

I went back to Tate Britain to get my small sketchbook and ended up doing more three more sketches as I walked around the galleries!

The first - the last page of my small sketchbook - was of Turner's self-portrait - see  Turner finished my sketchbook

The one below in my big sketchbook was generated by watching the BBC programme This Green and Pleasant Land  and generated this post yesterday A view of Box Hill, Surrey and English landscape painting  on The Art of the Landscape - about the landscape below. 

After George Lambert - A View of Box Hill, Surrey (1733) by George Lambert (1700 – 30 Nov. 1765)
pencil and coloured pencils in large Folio Sketchbook
It's thought to be one of the first if not the first paintings by an English painter of a pure landscape - just for the sake of the landscape.

After walking round the galleries (fascinating to find Damien Hirst has been consigned to the most inaccessible one!) I went for a cup of tea in the Friends Room.  I've never been very fond of the Friends Room at Tate Britain and I worked out why as I sat doing my last sketch of the day.

There are absolutely no pictures on the wall.  It's a total blank canvas of white washed walls and window.

There's no pictures on the walls of the Friends Room, Tate Britain
pen and sepia ink in Large Folio Moleskine Sketchbook, 11" x 16"
copyright Katherine Tyrrell
As always, there were people doing business and keeping up with their online world.  One of the things I've learned about sketching on my own is people seem to forget I can hear their conversations.  You learn all about all sorts of things as consultants educate their clients - fascinating stuff! :). 


  1. I envy you your incredible lightness of touch. Whenever I see your sketches I am mesmerised by the gentleness of your style. I need to cultivate that more in my work.

  2. I can highly recommend tenosynovitis for learning how to grip a pencil with no pressure!

    Seriously - I'm totally unable to grip hard and to press down on pencils.

  3. These are both lovely sketches. (btw, so pleased you got your sketchbook back. I especially like the friends room one. How strange there are not any pictures hung!

  4. I know - it's very odd. I guess there may be a view that after a solid visit of viewing art your eyes need a rest!


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