Sunday, April 22, 2012

Brushes iPad video to Blogger via YouTube - April garden in Cheshire

You can compare this video of a sketch done using a stylus and the Brushes app on my iPad with my last post about my pen and ink and coloured pencil sketch of The magnolia in April.

April Garden In Cheshire
April Garden in Cheshire
sketch created on iPad using Brushes app and Griffin stylus
copyright Katherine Tyrrell - all rights reserved
This time I developed the sketches alongside one another (they were developed over a couple of mornings because of the way light moves in the early morning).

This time I was making a conscious effort to use the stylus more like I use a pen or pencil rather than pastels.  At the moment I think I prefer the pastels mode - but suspect this is probably more about me needing to get to grips with the different brushes and ways in which these can be adjusted!

You'll be able to tell from the video below that I do tend to take the "wprk all over" approach to a bit of an extreme!

How I got my Brushes actions movie from the iPad to YouTube to Blogger

I'm going to write down how I got my the sketching actions in the Brushes app off my iPad and to this blog post via YouTube
  1. Apple iPad - Click share icon in gallery view
  2. Apple iPad - Mail actions to one of my email addresses
  3. Googlemail - save the gz file associated with the "Brushes Painting Actions" email to my Brushes folder in my Movies folder on my iMac (Note: .gz is the file extension for gzip files created using GNU zip, an open source file compression program)
  4. Open the 'gzip' file on my Apple iMac and save the gz file to the same folder
  5. After forgetting that gz files can't be read by just any old video software, open Brushes Viewer (previously downloaded to my Apple iMac)
  6. check that the file works in animated form in Brushes Viewer
  7. export the file to from gz to my hard disc on my my Apple iMac
  8. try to upload the file to Flickr (except it's too long and the .mov extension is not recognised!)
  9. export the file again(!) - this time saving it as MPEG-4 video and giving it a real name (this one was saved at 1024x768 pixels at medium quality)
  10. I now have a file called which is 354.1 MB
  11. Flickr limits movies to 90 seconds so this one needs to be uploaded to YouTube
  12. Open YouTube account and upload file - it takes about 50 minutes on a good connection
  13. Wait for the file to be processed - another few minutes
  14. Go to unique URL for video
  15. Create the share code for the the video via embed mode 
  16. Post embed code to this blog post!
If anybody has an improved way of getting videos of iPad sketches on to a blog post I'd love for you to share!

Something else I learned from the manual.  Worth keeping in mind for the future!
If your painting has many strokes, exporting a movie may take some time, and the resulting file may be quite large (depending on the settings).


  1. Your sketches are very colourful and bright; that is something I'm going to have to do more of in future. I'm just getting familiar with sketching on the iPad and using the Brushes app actions to make videos. It's a lot of fun! The only thing I have done differently is to use iMovie to speed up the video and add simple transitions and music. Jamendo is an excellent source for royalty free and legit music. Personally I like Fortadelis' instrumentals. My sketch videos are on my YouTube channel "Greybrush" and also my blog. I like all the interesting links you've provided here. Kind regards, Steve.

    PS, Any helpful comments would be appreciated, if it isn't too much of a bother...

  2. LOL, Katherine, I was put in mind of you as a little bee buzzing all over your mother's beautiful garden, adding tulips here, blossom there, etc. It's an awesome little video. I watched it first on the iPad but then decided it needed a proper premiere on my 27" iMac, and I wasn't disappointed. :) Brava.
    I'm very impressed that your hatching style transfers to Brushes beautifully. Of course now I'm inspired to dash off to play with Brushes again.
    Lovely palettte. Very Monet. I recall that I did love your 'pastel' paintings on iPad.

    Steve - Thanks for your tip about using iMovie. I'll try that.

  3. Fun to see Katherine...just love watching other artists work. Thanks also for delineating all of your steps.

    As Robyn said, just might have to break out Brushes again. :-)

  4. Very cool, makes want to go and see the Hockney exhibition again (too late, I know) Also another reason to add an iPad to my wishlist (sigh....)

  5. Do you know if you can do this on a Windows based computer (PC)?

    Your painting is beautiful!

  6. Thanks Geri. No - you can't do it on a Windows PC - you need an Apple iPhone or iPad


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