Friday, April 20, 2012

The magnolia in April

The Magnolia in April
pen and ink and coloured pencils on Arches HP block
copyright Katherine Tyrrell - all rights reserved
When I visit my mother in Cheshire I draw the garden.  This time, to avoid the fold down the middle of a double page spread of my large Moleskine, I sketched on a block of Arches HP which I've used a lot in the past for both plein air sketches and developing work after sketching.

I didn't quite finish all of the tree branches on the left lots of finer ones need to be added in.

There's another sketch as well - but that one is a step by step video on the iPad and I've not got it off as yet.

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  1. Even without all its twigs it's a beautiful drawing. I particularly love the patterns created by the foreground plants.
    Now looking forward to the iPad video.

  2. Katherine, I always enjoy the sketches you do of your mothers garden. I have a question about the magnolia tree, are they like the trees in the American South, with the huge white flowers or the more purply Japanese style? I'm missing the magnolias this spring living in Northern New Mexico.

  3. It's not magnolia grandiflora which is the creamy white magnolia, it's one of the ones which has a pink base to the bloom. I'll ask my mother what the species is

  4. Thanks Katherine, both for the initial sketch and the follow up. I love both types of magnolias, and spent the last 30+ years surrounded by them. On to new flora and fauna, but as I said missing that part of the landscape of before.


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